About Me

Let's start as all biographies starts :-)


I was born 1973 in a small town called Hartberg. Hartberg is located in Austria. Somewherebetween Graz and Vienna, the capitol city of Austria.

After visiting the elementary and extended elementary school in Hartberg i moved to Graz. Graz is the capitol city of Styria which is one of the nine independent federal states of Austria.
In 1993 i got my grade as electronic and telecommunication engineer after visiting the technical high school BULME in Graz-G�sting for 5 years.

Before i'll continue i'll tell you how i started my career as hamradio operator:
It was a hot summer in 1991 and i was with my family on holiday in Greece! We were with our caravan on a campsite on Sithonia. One day my dad came back and told us that he met a guy on the campsite who has installed a big antenna in front of his caravan. He was hamradio operator and also from Austria. My uncle Alfred is also licenced as OE6ARD. So arrangments were made between him an Charly OE6CAG, the guy at our campsite. The result was that every evening we had a sked with Austria on 20m. I joined Charly every time when he was "on air" as SV2/OE6CAG/p. This was the time when i was infected with the virus! :-)
The final decision was made when i found out that two guys at my high school class are also licenced. They show me their ATV and sattelite equipment and how it works.
On 17th of December 1991 i made the test and two weeks later i got my CEPT class 2 licence! OE6DLD was on air!

After high school i was in the army for eight months. During this time i upgraded my licence to CEPT class 1.
I did the CW test with NO errors at a speed of 60wpm! But this was long ago.... :-)

In 1994 i started beeing a student at the Technical University of Graz. But this was only a try! :-) I realized that earning money is more imported for me than beeing a long time student! That was at the time in 1995 when i begun to work at a Smart Card developing company called MIKRON in Gratkorn near Graz.
I started at the production laboratory there. In 1996/97 Philips Semiconductorstook over this company and i started at the logistics department as a system engineer.

In autumn 1997 the logistics department was transferred from Austria to Germany. And I'm also. :-)
I continuied my work as a Logistics System and Procedures Consultant at our companies site in Hamburg.

I got my german CEPT 1 licence as DK7XE in 1998.
In 2000 i was for 3 weeks on a business trip in W6 (Sunnyvale, San Francisco area) for integration test of I2 and SAP MM/SD. There i got in touch with APRS.
Since that time i'm supporting that operationg mode.

In 2001 some others in Hamburg and i founded the APRS-Group Hamburg.
That group is mainly driving the extension of the APRS Network in our area including giving presentations/trainings to users.

In 2005 i moved to a new flat where i'm not able to mount an antenna.
This was also one of the reasons to buy a motor-ship from one of my friends.
One of the intetions is to install my hamradio equipment there, since that is the only place where i can install antennas on ;-)
Whatch out for DK7XE-8 on APRS. Might be that i'm QRV on the ship.

In 2006 Philips founded NXP out of its Semiconductors division.
Since that time i'm working in one of the global order fulfillment centers as logistics consultant and 1st line for i2 / SAP MM. Currently searching for new opportunities in the IT area. Since i have long time experience in database programming and knowledge about hardware/network technologies and also do my hobby in that area i'd like to contribute there.. CV available on request.

To be continued.....

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