What is APRS? Information about APRS on WB4APR's homepage. Automated Packet Reporting System was developed by Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, to track mobile GPS stations with two-way radio.
APRS DL German APRS Information with useful links to APRS Software/Hardware Providers.
contains information about how to setup APRS Soft-/Hardware.
APRS online
DB0ANF.de Online map using google-earth maps has a lot of functionalities showing track log and message log.
where i am? www.findu.com APRS I-Net Server Server with online MAPS for displaying APRS Stations.
Hardware / Software I'm using
APRSboxSelfmade box  for APRS demonstration that can act as digipeater, i-gate, tracker and WLAN-AccessPoint/Client.containing OpenTracker2, ASUS WL500gP, 2m TRX, DotMatrix display and 7Ah battery.
OpenTracker2 great device that can be used as tracker with GPS and TNC at the same time. includes a 30A switch that can be controlled over the air. Digipeater functionality. Developed by Scott Miller, N6VG. take a look at ArgentData for detailed information.
TinyTrack an inexpensive APRS Tracker for mobile usage. I redesigned the original layout from Byon to fit to my requirements (GPS Power Supply via SUB-D, Electronic Fuse, Filters, etc.) Developed by Byon Gabarrant N6BG. take a look at BYONICS for detailed information.
TripMate GPS Modification information for power on, external antenna. Great low cost GPS RX from DeLorme with internal antenna.
The Tripmate is sold out and not longer available from DeLorme.
Firmware for TNC2/Clone to use it as stand alone APRS-Digi. Excellent software if you want to setup a small standalone APRS-Digi with a TNC. developed by Marco Savegnago, IW3FQG.
PC APRS Software for Windows Great Software from Peaksystems / Roger Baker, G4IDE.
UI-View Maps Some Maps i created for the Hamburg Area.
UI-View32 Setup Proposal for setting up UI-View(32).
Garmin GPS25
GPS OEM module from Garmin. I'm using this module in my car in combination with a TinyTrack since 2002 without any problems.
Garmin e-map
Outdoor GPS with map display. I bought my emap in 2000 when i was in Sunnyvale/CA. Great device with a map display.
Handheld datatransceiver from Kenwood. Since the Hamradio2002 in Friedrichshafen i'm the owner of a THD7E G2. Yes it works! The problem is that the host mode is not compatible with the european TNC2 standard. But great for APRS!
Navilock BR-305 Cheap GPS receiver with serial interface. You can find details on http://www.navilock.com/produkte/English/pda_gps.html
PeekPack A packet radio tnc with a 16x4 LCD screen, that can be used for many different functions. Developed by Byon Gabarrant N6BG. take a look at BYONICS for detailed information.
PocketTracker An integrated TinyTrak3 and 2 meter transmitter small enough to fit in a mint tin. Developed by HiValue Radio in cooperation with Byon Gabarrant N6BG. Take a look at BYONICS for detailed information.
Further useful information about APRS
APRS Specification The Bible for APRS messaging. Description of message Format, ICON description,....
APRS Group HH Home of the APRS Group Hamburg.
GPS-Homepage GPS Information Page from Klaus DJ7OO interesting for people who want to have more info about GPS/APRS solutions and also want to built up some hardware.

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