Navilock BR-305 GPS

About BR-305
The NaviLock BR-305 is a lowcost WAAS/EGNOS compatible GPS receiver with serial port. Originally it is deliverd with a DIN plug. You can easily cut off the plug and replace it with a SUB-D connector.
The wiring information can be found here.
I bought mine in Germany via It was the cheapeast dealer in DL at that time (June2004).
For all features check the NaviLock webpage.
disassembly instruction
The receiver is ~6x5x2cm of size. Thats small enough for most of the cases.
But if you like to disassemble the unit as i did follow the instruction below.
Remove the rubber from the backside. There are two small srews you have to remove. Open the housing by slightly pulling on the cable.
You can also remove the antenna from the receiver if you like. The two parts are only solderd on two corners. Then you have a really small and lightweight GPS receiver you can integrate in your devices (Im using mine togeter with the PocketTracker).

Owner: DK7XE NaviLock BR-305 GPS - DK7XE/OE6DLD Update: 17.10.2008