The PSK31 transceiver from DL-QRP-AG
Frontside view


  • Allband possible by plug in band modules.

  • High dynamic receiver with diode ringmixer(HPF505) PLUS preselektor.

  • Rag chew  push pull PA (max. output 10Watt).

  • Power adjustable.

  • Frequency fine tuning (Window Shift) for growing frequency range.

  • S-Meter / Power meter connection.

  • Build in soundcard interface Line-in / Mic-in fully decoupled.

  • COM-interface for PTT.

  • All ports decoupled from PC! AF decoupled by special AF transformers, PTT decoupled by optocoupler.

  • only a few external wirings.

PCB 1: Signal generator, RX-trontendl, T/R mixer, TXl incl. low pass filter, T/R -switching, PC-interface with AF transformers + optocouplers. PTT, voltage regulators

PCB 2: Bandmodul band- Xtal, ;TX/RX bandpassfilters

PCB 3: 9MHz-IF with 9 pole monolitic filter 2.4 kHzl, demodulator, AGC-generator, S-meter- / Pout-amplifier, 9MHz-SSB-exciter (USB only).

Remark: PCB 3 is the same PCB used for the high level 2m SSB/CW transceiver.
Visit DL-QRP-AG homepage for further descriptions!


Backside view
Opened housing
PCB3: IF board
PCB1: Mainboard
PCB2: Bandmodule Additional parts i used:
Description Conrad Electronic
part no.
1x Amperemeter 1mA 134945-62
1x Switch On/Off 0-1 701661-62
2x Button black 720119-62
2x Covercap for button black 720224-62
2x Pointer for button, red 720321-62
1x Socket 2,1mm (for power supply) 738190-62
1x Socket DIN 5pin (NF/PTT) 738140-62
1x Plug DIN 5pin 737445-62
1x Metal housing 150x200x110mm 520454-62
1x Coolingplate 188000-62
My experience building up the kit
The instructions are clear and with soldering experience you will be able to build it up.
But at the end mine didn't worked at all.
I have to add that i didn't spent much time on finding the error yet since i dont have any hf-measurement equipment at home.

Owner: DK7XE DigiFun - DK7XE/OE6DLD Update: 20.10.2008