OT2m by Argentdata
The Tracker2 is available from Argentdata in 2 different models:
- OT2m - standalone
- T2-135 - add-on board designed to fit into the Alinco DR-135T
Some features:
  • Plots received positions as waypoints
  • KISS support
  • APRS Digipeater
  • Command console
  • Remote control via APRS
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • supports SmartBeaconing
  • Weather Station Support
  • On-board temperature and voltage telemetry (OT2 only)
  • Dual serial ports
Great device. I currently own 3 of them. One of my configuration examples can be downloaded.
The only thing you should look carefully on is the configuration.
TX level, digi config, and profile switching criteria can be configured differently for Config 1 and 2.
The best is to first setup Config 1 -> test it -> clone it to Config 2 -> and finally change Config 2 to your needs.
APRS box on MY Benita 2 (DK7XE-8)
The APRS box i designed for my ship.
It contains
- OT2m v1 board.
- Dragon SY-130.
- Linksys WRT-54GL
- TTL to RS232 converter
from left to right:
- Antenna connector
- RS232 to WRT-54GL (tts/1)
- RS232 to OT2m (GPS - port A)
- power connector
view on the swithes for power and the status LED's. The opened box.
On the left the SY-130 2m TRX with 25W out.
Inside view.
left: connectors, center: the WRT54GL WLAN router board , right: the OT2m board, top: TTL-RS232 level converter, bottom: profile switching and LED board.
Detailed view on the TTL to RS232 level converter and the OT2m connectors.
Detailed view on the OpenTracker2 board (version proto C, in the meantime changed to v1) ..and finally the ship where everything is mounted on.
The reason for having a WLAN router in this box:
The WRT-54GL is flashed with openWRT linux. This gives the possibility to run linux (hamradio)applications on that board.
But the main reason for me was to be able to use the OpenTracker Port A remote without having a cable connection.
This is simply possible with this configuration. tts/0 of the WRT54GL is connected via the level converter to port A of the OT2m.
I can eighter start a terminal application on the router remotely or run ser2net which provides the serial ports of the router as network ports that can be connected from anywhere within the local network.
OT2 builtin Bosch KF161 (DK7XE-3)
same as DK7XE-4, pictures will follow
OT2 builtin Bosch KF161 (DK7XE-4)
Open Tracker 2m built in Bosch KF-161.
LED's and switches for power and profile on the left side.
The two SUB-D for port A / B on the right side.
GPS is a Navilock NL-303P.
Opened KF-161.
I was lucky that the OT2m board fits exactly in the free space behind the front panel.
The OT2m detail view.
SUB-D connectors originally mounted are removed from the PCB.
The OT2m again.
The KF161 has 10W out.

Owner: DK7XE Opentracker2 - DK7XE/OE6DLD Update: 10.10.2008