Pictures from my Portable QTH's

Business trip to Sunnyvale/San Francisco, W6 - June 2000

Ferienpassaktion 2002, DL - 2002

We had a so called Ferienpassaktion organized by the E12 DARC group in 2002. I was there QRV on several shortwave bands with my IC706 and a 10m vertikal wire antenna.

My old car with the 3antennas for 2m/70cm, 10m, GPS/APRS on the roof.
Next to the car you can see the 10m fibreglass tower from Spieth with the 10m wire antenna and the AH-4 antennatuner from ICOM.

Full size view of the antenna/10m tower with the 4 radials.

Business trip to Nijmegen, PA - Janary/February/March 2003

From 16th of January onwards until 08th of February i'm on a business trip in Nijmegen,PA.
I've my IC706MK2G with me and i'm daily QRV between 19:00 and 22:00 UTC on shortwave.
You can check out my actual QRG when you search on or APRS for DK7XE-5.
In my APRS status text you can see the info.
I'm also in nijmegen 2 weeks in March.

The modified ATX-PC power supply. I added 3nF capacities between each connector and the case. Now it works without any problems for the IC706MK2G on all shortwave bands and 2m/70cm.

View out of my hotel room. I had luck and got a room on the 4th floor.

Kenwood TH-D7G2 for APRS and the IC706 for shortwave.

Front panel of the 706. It's great working with this device. With the seperationcable you can laying on the bed like me :-) and work on shortwave.

The antenna on the balcony of the Sanadome hotel.
AH4 antennatuner and 10m wire on the fibreglasstower from Spieth.

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