Station equipment

Antennas at QTH Hartberg, OE, JN77xg
OE6DLD Antenna Left: 24ele Cushcraft for 70cm.
Middle: 55ele Tonna for 23cm ATV.
Right: 16ele Cushcraft for 2m.
Below: Wire antenna for shortwave.
The 2x 90cm parapolic for 13/23cm ATV are not mounted at the moment.

(picture by DK7XE - Summer 1998)

Antennas at QTH Hamburg, DL, JO43xo
no pictures available

Diamond X50 for APRS and Packet Radio.
Homemade magnetic loop for 20-10m.
35cm offset-parapolic for 10GHz ATV-Rx.

Base station equipment (used in DL&partly in OE)
PSK31 TRx from QRP-project.
Still not in use because the TRX is somewhere in Berlin at QRP-Project.
I sent it to them in October 2001 because it does not work correctly but didn't got it back until now!! :-((
You can find more info about this device here.
ICOM Allmode Shortwave/2m/70cm TRX
Really a greate device! I use it also for mobile and portable aperation together with the AH4 antenna tuner.
Kenwood 70cm mobile TRX.
In use for 9k6 packetradio.
no picture UFS-721
K�penick 2m mobile TRX.
I use it for APRS on 144.800.
no picture DR-560
Alinco dualband handheld for 2m & 70cm.
TNC2 clone from Petri-Electronic for 1k2 & 9k6.
I'm using 2 of them. One for APRS, 1k2 and the other one for packet on 9k6.
no picture Homemade ATV TRX
Modified ISM TV TRX from Conrad Electronic with 1W PA.
For 13cm ATV.
no picture DRAKE SAT RX
I have 3 of them for ATV RX on 23cm,13cm and 3cm.
no picture HANDIC SAT RX
For ATV RX (backup).
Mobile / portable equipment
DRAGON 2m mobile TRX.
For mobile APRS in combination with a TinyTrack and GPS-25 in my car.
GPS-C 2/70
Combined GPS/2m/70cm mobile antenna from procom.
I use it since 2001 on my car and i'm really happy with it.
A datasheet is available here.

For DL: Diese Antenne ist f�r �95,80 bei UKW-Berichte oder in Hamburg �ber Radio-K�lsch erh�ltlich.
APRS Tracker from BYONICS.
I use several versions of this great device.

You can find more info about this device here.
Kenwood dualband handheld with built in TASCO TNC.
I use it mainly for portable APRS/Packet and repeater operation.
1k2 works great with a PC or PALM attached. 9k6 is a mess because the serial connection is also 9k6 only.

My actual position can be found here.
Yaesu handheld for 2m/70cm.
I use it mainly for portable/mobile APRS with a builtin TinyTrack.

You can find more info about this device here.

no picture C5
Siemens C-net portable phone modified for 70cm hamradio.
Modified by DO2LMS. Thanx Michael!
Alinco mini handheld TRX for 2m/70cm.
TNC2 clone from SYMEK.
Mainly used for portable APRS (with uidigi). 
Automatic ahortwave antenna tuner from ICOM.
I use it with the IC706, a 10m wire and a 10m fibre glass tower from Spieth.
Garmin OEM GPS module.
For mobile APRS. Mounted together with a TinyTrack in my car.
Garmin handheld GPS RX with greyscale map display.
I use it since 2000 for portable/mobile APRS and navigation.
Lowcost GPS RX from DeLorme.
In use for mobile/portable APRS in combination with the FT50.

You can find more info about this device here.
10m antenna tower
Fibre glass antenna tower from Spieth, DK9SQ.
On the picture you can see the Spieth tower with the AH-4 tuner.
As antenna i use 10m wire.

Owner: DK7XE

station equipment - DK7XE/OE6DLD

Update: 15.05.2006